The social and environmental impact of UKL

Donating winter clothes and a refrigerator to the Xizhi Heartwarming Charity Association.

The sweater guild donated 10 boxes of clothing, totaling 353 pieces of clothing, to the Hualien Valley Aspiration Adult Care Association (including nurseries), demonstrating enthusiasm for public welfare and a commitment to the circular economy, with a focus on the ‘Recover’ initiative

Donating relief sweaters to Turkey on 2/11.

Donating a refrigerator and tables/chairs through the Rotary Charity Network.

3/18 Firefly Charity Sale (Total Proceeds: NT4,400).

3/25 UKL Participates in 'Earth Hour' Initiative.

6/17 Marine Science Center Beach Cleanup Event with 15 Participants.
Total garbage cleaned: 25.19 kg.

9/22-24 Green Island Sustainable Tourism.
(Taiwanderful Recycling Education Training).